Club Rules and Regulations

Below are our mixed golf league rules and regulations.

Golf League Membership

  1. Membership in the league shall be open and available to both Men and Women.
  2. Membership shall be for a period of one (1) year expiring on December 31st of any calendar year.
  3. Each member of the league shall receive all benefits obtained by the Organizing Committee.
  4. All membership fees and dues shall be established by the Committee as they deem adequate to operate and maintain the league.
  5. The Organizing Committee will decide any situations not covered by the Club Format.
  6. By applying for membership, each member agrees to play with everyone in the club roster.

Golf Club Rules

Unless specified otherwise, R.C.G.A. Rules will be in effect.


  1. Handicap calculations will follow R.C.G.A. quidelines.

    If a player has an established handicap that handicap will be allowed.

    If not, the Callaway System will be used for the first 3 rounds after which a handicap will be issued.

  2. It has been decided that, since we have a lot of beginner players at the moment, everyone will be using their true handicap to give everyone a fair chance at winning a tournament.

Golf Tournament Sign Up

  1. All members who confirm to play in a tournament will be required to pay the cost unless sufficient notice is given prior to the tournament and a substitute can be found to fill the space.
  2. Any player who does not show up on a tournament day without informing the club in advance will be required to pay the tournament costs prior to the start of their next confirmed date.
  3. All tournaments will be played as scheduled regardless of weather conditions, unless the host course cancels due to unplayable conditions.
  4. Each Tournament's flight schedule will be posted on the website on the Thursday before the Tournament. All players are required to be at the Course a minimum of 1/2 hour before the first scheduled tee time.
  5. Confirmations and special requests for all Tournaments will have a deadline of 7 days prior to the Tournament date (the Sunday before the Tournament). After this time anyone wishing to play will only be added if a vacant spot is available.
  6. A signup sheet will be available at all Tournaments for members to signup for any Tournaments in advance.

Tee Boxes

  1. Women will use the Red or designated Ladies tees.
  2. Men will use the back tees on all the Executive courses and the White tees on the Full Length courses unless otherwise specified.

Maximum Score Per Hole

  1. There will be a Maximum score of double par per hole.


  1. Lost Ball Rule

    If the ball is hit in a hazard, or cannot be found, the player must drop another ball in the approximate position the ball was thought to be in. A (1) one stroke penalty will be assesssed.

  2. Provisional Shot

    For pace of play, hit a provisional ball if you think your ball went Out Of Bounds, as designated by the white stakes. If you find your original ball in bounds you can pick up your provisional ball and continue play with no penalty.

    If no provisional ball is played and you find that your ball is out of bounds, play your next shot from the approximate spot the ball went out of bounds with a (2) two stroke penalty. For speed of play do not return to the tee.

  3. Pace of Play

    Speed of play is important, allow only 2 minutes to look for a lost ball. Keep pace with the group in front of you.

Competition Format



Points System

Tie Breaking System

Club Championships

A best 2 out of 3 rounds total Net score format will be used to determine a Men's and Ladies Club Champion.


It is the responsibility of each member to review these club rules and regulations before signing up and to check them for changes.