Golfing Tips

Even seasoned golfers need golfing tips sometimes. Below is a collection of golfing tips for beginners, duffers and intermediate golfers.

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Golfing Tips for Beginners

We all were beginner golfers at one point. Hope you find these beginner golf tips helpful and improve your golf game.

Golf's New Rules: Major Changes (2019)

The Rules of Golf changed effective January 1, 2019. Par 2 Birdie Mixed Golf League is a social recreational golf league. While we try to properly follow the rules of golf we ask the experienced golfers to nicely correct our casual and beginner golfers so they learn and still enjoy their round of golf. USGA has listed the major changes with main reason(s) for change.

Golf 101: Dos and don'ts for beginners

Definitive list of dos and don'ts for the aspiring player.

Golf For Beginners: So You Want To Play Golf

Everything you need to know about taking up golf from the editors of Golf Digest

Beginners Golf Guide

Golf Monthly's Top 25 Coaches series of beginners guide to golf articles for foundation skills to a better golf game.

Golf Etiquette

When on the golf course there are some rules of etiquette. Brush up on golf etiquette with these tips.

Golf Etiquette is About More than Just Manners

...The rules of golf etiquette are what they are for several very important reasons: Many of them relate to the safety of golfers, many relate to pace of play (which helps keep the game enjoyable), and other rules of golf etiquette relate to maintaining the quality of the golf course....

Golf Etiquette at

Basics of Rules and Etiquette for First Round of Golf

Playing your first round of golf can be intimidating. Will you know how to act on a golf course? Will you be unsure of yourself and the rules? Here's a quick primer - 10 basics of rules of etiquette - that can help make your first round of golf go easier....

Ten Basics of Rules and Etiquette for Your First Round of Golf at

General Golf Tips

Golf Tips and Golf Videos

Note: Requires subscription.

...GolfLink's Tips and Videos Instruction section can help you improve your golf game, whether you are a beginner, an expert, or any kind of golfer in between....

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Free Video Golf Lessons

Video Golf Lessons for Beginners

Most clips will be golf instructional videos, but some will be just for fun and entertainment. Please be aware that the videos need time to load, depending on your internet connection this could take a while - please be patient.

Free Video Golf Lessons, Video Golf Instructions, and Video Golf Tips Online at

Golf Tips and Instruction

Pro golf tips and videos at

Golf Swing Tips and Instruction

The best collection of swing tips and instruction sure to improve your golf swing.

The Golf Swing - Ball Striking at

Golf Techniques

Golf Tips Magazine

Golf Tips Magazine has been the most authoritative voice in the market for more than 20 years and has published the best content in teaching, practice and game improvement from America's top golf instructors. Golf Tips continues to be an indispensable resource for golfers of all ages and ability levels with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their game and make the sports even more attractive. Golf Tips expands upon the vast base of knowledge and experience from the game's most reputable teachers to inspire both casual and serious players alike.

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