About Par 2 Birdie Mixed Golf League

The formation of the Par 2 Birdie Mixed Golf League was the idea of our 2 founding members on the basis of golf and friendship in 2007.

We wanted somewhere to golf regularly in a tournament environment where it wasn't just Gals or just Guys and to play at various golf courses around the Lower Mainland. We were both relatively new golfers so we also wanted to find an environment where we could play without being under pressure to do well. We did not find such a golf league, so we created our own.

Our goal was to create a mixed golf league where everyone can have fun, no matter what golfing skills they have.

The membership goal for our first year was 30. We surpassed our goal and had a membership roster of 40. We always welcome new members through out the year.

There's a nice mix of experienced and beginner golfers among our membership. We do follow the rules of golf so our beginner golfer members learn to play golf properly. With each golf tournament the beginners will learn more about the game of golf from the more experienced golfers, and we thank the experienced golfers for their help and patience.

Our pages include a list of golf lessons available locally, and golfing tips.

Meet the Club Executive

Norma has retired from the club now but was the driving force in promoting the Par 2 Birdie Mixed Golf League offline at our start. She also mentioned the league to everyone who would be interested in a social mixed golf league.

Susan is looking after the website and books. If you would like be a sponsor or have questions regarding how your membership fees are being spent, contact her using our Contact Us form.

The Club Captain initially was Jun who was in charge of all matters relating to the game of golf bringing his years of experience and knowledge of the game to all aspects of the rules, etc. Jun has also retired from the club.

The Tournament Coordinator is Ken. Ken will be in charge of all the weekly tournament planning activities, as well as the scoring, handicapping and statistical duties.

Together the executive and members are brain storming on how to promote our league and make each golf tournament fun for all.